Consulting and Development Services

MediaTechGuy Software has been in business since 1987, writing software applications for PC desktops, servers and laptops, as well as Internet applications starting in 1994. We develop custom-tailored software solutions for your specific needs, and offer web and desktop applications for purchase. These applications include tools to improve your productivity and profitability, and websites to present a professional corporate image with advanced, secure capabilities like payment collection.

We never charge a fee to evaluate your needs and provide an estimate to get the job done. When you engage MediaTechGuy Software to write a custom-developed solution for your firm, you get the benefit of programmers that also understand business processes and people, not just the computer. We offer advice and proactively look for areas of improvement as we work with you. We also provide support for every project after the initial job is completed. Many of our clients are repeat clients, and have been very satisfied with our development and programming services.


Web Development

MediaTechGuy Software offers full web development services using ASP.Net, Active Server Pages (VBScript), MS SQL Server, MS Access, XML, RSS, SOAP, AJAX, and JavaScript. We write code to support projects such as:

  • E-commerce sites, including knowledge of security and payment collection options with budget considerations
  • Content management systems
  • PCI compliant coding and consultation
  • Google web services integration
  • Search engine optimization
  • Database design and implementation
  • Payment form handling and HTML-formatted email receipts
  • User interface design consultation
  • Debugging, testing and technical support


PC Application Development

MediaTechGuy Sofrware offers PC desktop application development for client and server operating systems, offering corporate media support for all types of projects using Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Office, and other support software such as Photoshop, Premiere, and Sound Forge. Examples of projects already completed include:

  • Office automation for Excel, PowerPoint, and Word
  • Interactive and linear trade show applications, including multi-image displays
  • Training applications
  • Quiz/testing applications
  • Game show simulations
  • Touch screen kiosk applications
  • Video on PC CD-ROM applications
  • Technical design consultation
  • Packaging and installation support
  • Media editing capabilities for most types of data including still-image, audio and video


Please contact us for any additional questions you may have about our design and development capabilities.