Website Client Guide™

The Website Client Guide ™ is a secure, web-based application hosted on any Windows web server. It functions as an electronic rolodex for any type of document, including text, images, tables, charts, and more. Its powerful, rich-text document editor is very similar to popular word processing applications. This application eliminates the need to pass around documents in the office, and removes the problem of different versions maintained by several staff members. There are multiple levels of user access that support different functions based on security level.

Each client/forwarder record has seven different document storage tabs: Contact Info, Settlement Guidelines, Suit Requirements, Media Requests, General Information, Remit Procedures, and Reporting.

Any time an editor or administrator edits a forwarder data record, all editors and administrators are notified of the change by email. In addition, any users specified in the forwarder record are also notified.

There are 3 levels of user access:

  • User - any user can search and print forwarder data
  • Editor - any editor can search, print and edit forwarder data
  • Administrator - all of the above, plus can manage users and access rights

All web files are included, and it is compatible with Microsoft Access and MS SQL databases. Installation and training can include assisting you with choosing a good web host and setup (hosting fees are not included by MediaTechGuy and are your firm's responsibility). Training includes instruction for all levels of user access and document creation and editing.

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Client Guide Interface

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