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MTG Military/Bankruptcy/Deceased ScrubWare™ by MediaTechGuy Software

Get the POWER to run AUTOMATED MILITARY STATUS SEARCHES from the Department of Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) in your office with LIGHTENING SPEED. Help keep your firm compliant with the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) by using MTG Military ScrubWare™ by MediaTechGuy Software.

Sample Sheet 1
Mock data used for privacy purposes.

MTG Military ScrubWare™ by MediaTechGuy Software works as an add-in component to Microsoft Excel™. You simply open your spreadsheet, which could look like the image to the right.

Start the MTG Military ScrubWare™ application by clicking on the add-in toolbar. Using a standard internet connection, the application connects directly in Excel to the Department of Defense Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) web site, automatically submits each individual's record, and returns results like the image below.

Sample Sheet 2

The exact text is extracted from the website’s search results page. This includes Active Duty Status, Begin Date, Service / Agency, Report ID, Report Date, and two internal reporting columns with error and status results from the application. DOD military status report images can be saved to your PC in PDF, JPG or TIF format, so you can pull up any report at a later date to print for proof of search in court.

MTG Military ScrubWare™ transmits all data securely via HTTPS on port 443. The application also monitors progress, and has flood-limiting controls in place to comply with the Department of Defense DMDC’s usage policy posted on their website.


If you download and install MTG ScrubWare™, we will give you 300 searches absolutely FREE (no purchase necessary), just to try the application to see how easy it is to use. Registration is required for use.

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For more information about MTG Military ScrubWare™, click the link above or email info@mediatechguy.com. Software can be downloaded and installed in minutes, and you can begin searches right on your PC!

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