Website Task Scheduler™

The Website Task Scheduler™ is a secure, web-based application hosted on any Windows web server. It can be used to track compliance with legally-required tasks, or any tasks that need to completed on a one-time, weekly or monthly basis. The main interface (first screen shot, below) shows Individual and Division views. Colored indicators are used to indicate your assigned task, or when in Division view, the indicators show division tasks due. An 'X' shows at a quick glance that a task was missed on that day. You can then click on the indicator and drill down to the specific task and assigned staff member view.

Email notification can be added to any task, to notify anyone of a completed task. The entire application can be custom modified to meet any specialized needs your firm may have.

There are 3 levels of user access:

  • User - any staff member/user can view and sign off their tasks only, as a primary or alternate (backup) assignee
  • Division Head (DH) - can viesw and sign off their assigned tasks; can view all tasks in all divisions, but may only edit their division tasks
  • Administrator - can view and sign off their tasks; can view and edit all tasks in all divisions; can edit previous time stamps

All web files are included, and it is compatible with Microsoft Access and MS SQL databases. Installation and training can include assisting you with choosing a good web host and setup (hosting fees are not included by MediaTechGuy and are your firm's responsibility). Training includes instruction for all levels of user access and task creation.

For more information or to purchase, please email us.

Website Task Scheduler Main Interface


The task add/edit screen shot is below.

Website Task Scheduler Add/Edit Task

Data in screen shots above are altered and/or mocked. For more information or to purchase, please email us.