SCRA Active Duty Status Military Scrub

We understand the importance of staying legally compliant and contractually compliant with your clients. Do not take chances. Avoid law suits, attorney fees, court costs, and other negative impacts. Our Military, Bankruptcy, and Deceased scrubs will keep you compliant. Save time and money by not working "dead files".

MTG ScrubWare Active Duty Status Military Scrub

MTG ScrubWare is an add-in for MS Excel that we provide to you at no additional charge. Using MTG ScrubWare, you create upload files for the SCRA website directly from your spreadsheet. Once you've uploaded your file and download the results, our application allows you to:

  • Import the data results directly onto your spreadsheet
  • Split the single PDF file from the SCRA into individual files in a fraction of the time an employee could
  • Create fully customizable file naming conventions for the SCRA certificate images in PDF, TIF or JPG format
  • Redact the partial SSN displayed on the image certificate
  • Insert your file number, bar code or other data item onto each certificate image
  • Selectively batch print certifcates based on resulting active duty status
  • Export the orginal SCRA data output file that includes your clients' original account numbers
  • Export YGC Record 9 files with your military status codes, including comments from each data record

MediaTechGuy Software offers a free trial of 300 military status scrubs for qualified debt collection law firms and agencies. This is a no-obligation offer with no payment method required. This allows you to try out MTG ScrubWare absolutely free. We are convinced that you will appreciate the power of MTG ScrubWare but if not, you walk away with your completed spreadsheet and all 300 certificate images.

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